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Bursaries and Prizes (updated February 2012)



George Yule Essay Prize

The George Yule Prize is awarded to the best essay written by a postgraduate. It is awarded biennially, at each ANZAMEMS conference. The following conditions apply:

  1. Candidates must be currently enrolled postgraduates at a university in Australia or New Zealand, and proof of enrolment will be required on submission of the essay. Candidates must also be financial members of the Association.
  2. It is expected that the essay will be a written version of a paper presented at the conference. While the aural version must be strictly limited to a delivery length of 20 minutes, a longer word-limit applies to the written version of the paper (see below).
  3. Essays submitted should be no more than 3500 words long (excluding footnotes), on a topic of the writer’s choice within the fields of medieval and early modern studies. Each essay should be adequately footnoted and documented, and include a bibliography.
  4. The essay will be judged by a panel consisting of the President (ex officio) and two other members of ANZAMEMS, one of who will be either the editor, or the deputy editor, of Parergon.
  5. In the event that insufficient entries are received, or the standard of entries is not sufficiently high, the judging panel reserves the right not to award a prize for any given conference.
  6. The winner will receive a travel bursary for assistance in attending the conference, A$500 in prize money (or NZD equivalent), and a year’s free subscription to Parergon.
    • The year’s free membership to ANZAMEMS will commence on the expiry of the current subscription.
    • The amount of the travel bursary component of the prize will be determined at the discretion of the Conference Organisers, but should be in line with other travel bursaries awarded for the same conference, and should not exceed A$500.
    • Should the winner be resident in the conference host city, the travel bursary may be applied to other travel connected with study, or other expenses associated with attendance at the conference.
  7. The winner will be given the opportunity to present the paper at a plenary session of the conference.
  8. The prize will be presented at the conference dinner, to which the winner will receive a complimentary ticket.
  9. The writer of the winning paper will be encouraged to submit an expanded version of the paper for publication in Parergon, subject to the usual process of refereeing.
  10. The deadline for submissions will be determined by the conference convenors and advertised during the call-for-papers and registration period.
  11. Administration of the prize, including arranging payment with the Treasurer, is the responsibility of the Conference Convenors.
  12. Payment of the prize (i.e., funds) is the responsibility of the Treasurer.



Postgraduate/ Recent Graduate Conference Bursaries

To enable current or recent postgraduates who are currently unwaged to attend the biennial conference and deliver a paper at a session, travel bursaries will be offered. The amount of funding available and hence the number of bursaries funded, will be determined by the respective ANZAMEMS Conference committees after they have considered the applications.

To be eligible, applicants must be:
  • A financial member of ANZAMEMS
  • In less than 0.5 of fulltime employment
  • Currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme, or have graduated with a postgraduate degree (MA by research or PhD) within the last two years.  

The application process, which will be left to the discretion of the respective Conference, will be advertised at the same time as the Conference’s Call for Papers. It is likely to require submission of:
  • Title and abstract of paper to be presented at conference
  • Proof of enrolment or recent award
  • A budget/quotes outlining cost of attendance at conference
  • Contact details
  • Name of institution and supervisor
It is not expected that Conference Convenors will be able to offer a bursary to every eligible applicant. In the event of there being more eligible applicants than can be supported, the ANZAMEMS Conference Committee will rank applicants according to distance travelled, financial need, current employment status, and access to other sources of funding.

Kim Walker Postgraduate Travel Bursary

One of the conference bursary applicants will be selected for the Kim Walker Travel Bursary, currently set at $500.  

The bursary should be awarded to the person who most nearly fits the following criteria:
  • A postgraduate currently enrolled at a university in New Zealand or Australia
  • A New Zealand postgraduate when the conference takes place in Australia and an Australian postgraduate when the conference takes place in New Zealand
  • A postgraduate who is in particular need
  • A postgraduate who is giving a conference paper that is specifically related to the conference theme and/or on the subject of Early Modern women’s writing
The bursary will be awarded by a selection committee comprised of the conference convenor, one other member of the conference committee, and one member of the ANZAMEMS committee.

The bursary will be funded by donations to the Postgraduate Travel Fund.

Postgraduate Travel Fund

At the time of registration for conferences, members will be given the opportunity to make a donation to a Postgraduate Travel Fund, from which conference bursaries will be paid.





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